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Our Margherita Necklace is featured on Glamour UK!

April 17, 2017 1 min read

Our Margherita Necklace is featured on Glamour UK!

The Spring Starts with Big News!

We are proud to announce that we have been selected for the Hidden Gems campaign on Glamour UK! We will be featured on the May, June and July issues.

It’s such an amazing reward after our first year on the market, a year full of non-stop hard work and good news.

Even better, the cover girl of the May issue is Amy Schumer, one of the wittiest stand-up comedian around. If you don’t know her yet, check out her latest show - the Leather Special - available on YouTube and Netflix.

Margherita, The Featured Necklace

For this running issue, May 2017 we have selected the Margherita Marble Green necklace.


Margherita is a soft yet powerful statement necklace, its flat beads try to expand to three dimensions. It turns into sensational even the most plain outfit, check out the simple and elegant outfit in this blog post we wrote when in Venice.

This collection is inspired to my young sister Margherita, its flat and round shapes, harmonious and pure, that move and complement each other in a light yet intricate game are inspired to her complex, strong and playful personality.


During the campaign, we will feature a different necklace each month, coming up will be Zu necklace!



Have a favourite one? We are still deciding which one to publish, so just comment below :)

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