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New in: Centouno Collection

May 31, 2017 1 min read

New in: Centouno Collection

Centouno Choker Necklace Centouno Choker Necklace

Centouno collection is the new entry on our webshop!

Centouno is a basic casual collection that is easy to combine and makes every outfit more special with an elegant detail.

It features Choker Necklaces, Spiral Bracelets, Stud Earrings, Dangle Earrings and Round Earrings in 12 different beautiful colours.

Centouno Round Earrings Centouno Round Earrings

The Centouno collection features also 9 different colours of Bangle Bracelets.

This types of beads are very important to me and carry along an intricate story: 12 years ago when I first encountered glass, these were the first beads I learned to make and what I practised with to gain confidence with this sophisticated material.

Once mastered, the manufacture of these beads, that I make one by one, is almost automatic, resulting in a great way of meditating.

Centouno Dangle Earrings Centouno Dangle Earrings

These beads remind me of the beads Chinese luck bracelets are made of. Originally, the beads were only made in black, so deep, lucid and intriguing that almost have a spiritual and hypnotic effect on me, even though usually I'm not a very spiritual person.

The Centouno beads enclose this magic by revealing the human power behind it through the energy given by the slightly different shape of each bead. When holding it in your hands or wearing it, it becomes very tangible.

Centouno Spiral Bracelet Centouno Spiral Bracelet

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