CO GLASS JEWELLERY is a small Amsterdam-based contemporary glass Jewellery company by Venetian artist Cosima Montavoci.

CO GLASS JEWELLERY Style is elegant, bold, chunky and sculptural, Cosima is the maker and thinker, takes her inspiration from people, from her art practice and always listens to what the glass has to say, she's giving Murano glass a contemporary look and getting rid of the dust and stereotypes that come with this beautiful material.

The style does not follow any passing by fashion or hype, CO GLASS JEWELLERY always create evergreen contemporary classics, almost wearable pieces of art.

Besides glass, her creations feature the highest quality materials such as sterling silver 925, waxed cotton cord, leather, steel, resin.

With CO GLASS JEWELLERY Cosima is always trying to break the boundaries of glass, after having had a "traditional" training, she learns from every material, searching for a new technique every time one is perfected.

Her research is driven and effortlessly exploring the boundaries between art and craftsmanship.

CO GLASS JEWELLERY is a very young company, that was founded in the beginning of 2016, even though Cosima started her journey with glass in 2005, almost by mistake in Murano, Venice.


Since then her love and bond with the glass craftsmanship exponentially grew during the years, leading her to open her own atelier and workshop in Venice, Italy since 2006 at the age of 18. Cosima then moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2009 and graduated at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Fine Arts in 2015.


With Luca Bontempi that takes care of all the magic that happens in the website and all the marketing, the image of CO GLASS JEWELLERY is emerging fast from the glass jewellery crowd.

In 2016 CO GLASS JEWELLERY has been selected and took part to the Sieraad Art Fair in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and in 2017 is featured on Glamour UK for the months of May, June and July!

cosima montavoci by martina novak

Cosima believes in the beauty of imperfections, and the endless repetition of gestures of artisanship.

Cosima believes in the balance between the products and its context. She strives to create a rewarding experience.

Cosima believes in the opinion of elder and kids. Genuine and unfiltered, it comes from their eyes.

Cosima believes that one should listen to the material, and follow what it says.

Cosima trusts good old manners. Like a diligent monk, she makes every single bead.

Cosima trusts her hands. The jewellery shines of her love and care in every detail.

Cosima trusts that we are heading towards a new Post-Modernism. Old traditions rise again through the rediscovery of the making process and the direct relationship between producer and maker.

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