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Embodied Memory Art Exhibition @ Villa Manin

March 27, 2017 3 min read

Embodied Memory Art Exhibition @ Villa Manin

The Exhibition

Save the date! The exhibition EMBODIED MEMORY in the beautiful Villa Manin (Passariano, IT) opens on the 1st of April.

As written by IoDeposito, organizer of the exhibition:

“An art exhibition gathering international artists in a joined-up and multi-faceted reflection on the collective memory, starting from the bodies and forms in which it incarnates. The perspective focuses on the memory of the world conflicts (from the Great War, researching its legacies in the following conflicts of the Twentieth Century), still not plumed at all. The exhibition is made of three principal thematic blocks: the memory of conflict as symbolised in the natural elements, the memory laced in the materical objects of the conflict (through a significant revision of these objects, taking the distances from the idolatry for the war object, getting closer to the ready made), the memory that gradually is shrinking, becoming light into its materic bodies, until becoming an incision and then a writing.”

Tomb Sculpture - The Artwork

The work selected for this show is Tomb Sculpture, a serie of 4 sculptures that present themselves as roundish yellow objects covered in spikes. The spikes are casts of human teeth, revealing the root instead of the crown.

Although the title would normally suggest the end of a life, in this case it represents the end of a gesture, the action of filling up, and it is presented as ‘the remains of an action’.


“An ossuary, a place where bones are kept in order to conserve the remnants of a human body, it often consists in a cell or a small church, where once the skeletons are gathered they lose any ref- erence to a single person. After great catastrophes the number of bones was often so large that they were hanged on any surface available, resulting in spectacular decorations of sacred interiors with a mixture of ironic and macabre connotations. Cosima Montavoci’s Tomb Sculpture, share the same attitude by covering the crust of undefined rounded sculptures with casts of her own teeth. The constant memento mori, which accompanies our daily life through the aging and decay of our body, it is here re- versed by using human spoilages to fill a temporal gap by means of repeating a gesture.”

Emma Panza - Curator at De Appel Arts Centre.


“The sculptures of the Tomb Sculpture series, realised by Cosima Montavoci, are born from the desire to evoke the ancient custom of the ossuaries, places where the exhumed remains of deceased people were piled - places that are, in some ways, symbol of individuals' depersonalization after death.

Taking from history and ancient traditions the idea that bones can be used as ornaments of atavistic power, the artist puts them in her work in a both serious and ironic way and introduces a pulsing question on the symbols of our spirituality, among which bones stand out firmly: fearful harbingers of the constant decadence of our body, yet immortal witnesses of the past.

The work reveals more and more, as the viewer approaches to it: the surface is covered by casts of the artist's teeth.”



The exhibithion will feature works by:

Cosima Montavoci, Nathalie Vanheuele, Boris Beja, Lang Ea, Claudio Beorchia, Luca Terenzi, Ana Mrovlje, Anitra Hamilton, Ilisie Remus, Ting Bao, Victoria Lucas, Vanessa Gageos, Anne O’ Callaghan, Mario Lo Prete, Nicolas Vamvouklis.

For more info, check out the blog article on my Art website,

Photo Credits: IoDeposito

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