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Weeener Pendant Necklace 40 cm

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Size Guide
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Baby Blue
Aqua Green
Pea Green

Materials: Effetre Murano Glass and stainless steel.

Length: 40 cm

This is the Weeener Pendant necklace.

After some other collection has arisen quite a reaction, to make my intentions even more clear I introduce to you the Poppissima collection!

From ancient drawings to modern graffiti, from encrypted symbologies to stupid school or toilet illustrations, we are literally surrounded by sexuality, yet it's something we often avoid talking about or consider vulgar.

Once again I believe that humor will be able to save us or at least makes us talk about topics otherwise difficult to accept, therefore I create this new collection for you, more fun than ever.
Let funny, colorful, little nowadays icons adorn you and have the best of fun, you lovely people!


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