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I M OK Headpiece


Materials: Effetre Murano Glass and Metal.


This series 'I M OK' it's the result of a collaboration with the students of Concept Art Master 36 at Big Rock, by H-farm. This collaboration has been made possibile by Venice Original.

I M OK, is written with Murano Glass handmade pills that create a morse code.

Pills (Andrà tutto bene \ Everything will be fine) is a collection that deals with the tabù of mental issues.

The line between who is 'normal' and who isn't is always less defined. Nowadays with stress as an everyday meal, we are facing how fragile the human psyche can be. Although there are severe diagnosed pathologies, it is always more common to develop a 'the tendency to...' or 'isolated episodes of...'.

'Andrà tutto bene \ Everything will be fine' is used ironically in the title as it is often said when everything is in fact not going ok, and was often used in a moment in time which made us all feel fragile and a bit flipped.

The Murano Glass pills and medicines are used to adorn the head and body, they take inspiration from renowned calming medicines, painkillers, and more...

With this collection, I want to raise the issue of mental issues and make it something that we can talk about together. But we're all a bit weird and we are not alone.

Humor will save us!

Behind the scenes


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