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Alex Red

  • Alex are intriguing and truly unique stud earrings, shaped as human faces, they are available in 6 great colours. Here in the Red version.

    They look like every day earrings to a first glance, but look closer… they stare back.

  • Accessorize you face. With a face. The Alex face.

    Alex is a handsome and androgynous face, almost like a mask.

    Alex is dead serious about accessorizing. ☺

  • Length: 1 cm

    Weight 4 g

    Materials: Handmade Effetre Murano Glass, Sterling silver 925.

Currently sold out, it'll take a bit longer to make one for you.

Behind the scenes

Every single bead is handmade by Cosima in her studio in Amsterdam.

Want to know more about how glass jewellery is made? Read the blog article.


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