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Zu Browka wearing Zu necklace

July 28, 2017 2 min read

Zu browka glass jewellery sunset yogurt

 Zu Browka is a famous personality here in Amsterdam, She's famous for her unique style, her DJ practice all over Amsterdam - including the Milkshake Festival, the annual King's Day gig at Cafe' Saarein and Amsterdam's Gay Pride - but she's mostly famous because she was the Roxy Girl.

zu browka zu necklace sunset yogurt

Zu was born in Belgium but her home is Amsterdam, she started her career in Berlin, but she found her way to Amsterdam as soon as the Roxy Discotheque opened in 1987, to become its Princess. She performed there until it unfortunately burned down in 1999, and she was one the last people leaving, even with the place on fire.

zu browka zu necklace sunset yogurt
zu browka zu necklace sunset yogurt

Beside the Diva and DJ career Zu Browka she also works in a vintage store with the craziest costumes, has inspired many artists and worked with many of them during the years, including Peter Greenaway, Leigh Bowery, Erwin Olaf, The Shamen, Mc Kinky, Army of Lovers, Haute Couture Junkies, Jeff Stryker, Joost van Bellen, Harrie Wildeman, Mariska Veres and many others.

zu browka sunset yogurt

After we met her almost 2 years ago at Cafe Saarein we became friends and she inspired our Zu necklace soon after Sunset Yogurt was just born.

The Zu necklace was the first that Cosima decided to make in black and white, colours Zu Browka often uses. She had just started when Zu visited her in her studio and even after she left her presence still filled the room, so Cosima decided to get inspired by her to create this necklace.

zu browka zu necklace sunset yogurt

The Zu necklace has beads with all different patterns symmetrically mirrored on the two sides, it is blunt, intricate, has the patterns that are typical of Murano Glass beads yet missing the overload of colours, it is big and glamorous, a show stopper as her muse Zu Browka.

zu browka zu necklace sunset yogurt

It was about time we had a proper photoshoot of Zu wearing Zu!

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