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Venezia è viva, Viva Venezia.

July 10, 2020 2 min read

Venezia è viva, Viva Venezia.

Let's face it, it is quite hard and unprecedented times, the good thing as in almost every crisis time, is that there's a tendency to reevaluate priorities and to get ready to build again what was destroyed.

Venetians old ladies ofter say "Te voria un fia de dopoguera", which means you should experience a bit of post war, to metaphorically plant seeds on the burned earth.

Corona Virus Pandemic is definitely giving us the chance to picture a better future.




Some people think of Venice as a sold-out prostitute, where hit and run tourism mingles taking pictures in the middle of plastic gondolas and Chinese cheap souvenirs.

I do not want to say this is not true, that's a part of my city and an awful plague, but what can we do about it? We can for example let the world know that Venice is not only that. Lost in the small alleys you will be able to find unique and high-quality realities that mainstream tourism could not expect.

In fact many of brave (or bordeline crazy?) people decided to stay in Venice and challenge these stereotypes.




Venice is a place where you can find amazing cultural events, a thriving university scene, quality food and beverage, artisans and designers bringing their innovative vision. You will not find these places in the main streets: what I'm talking about are wonderful niches, and we all know that fighting for innovation and your dreams doesn't always go along with making tons of money.

Some tourists are happy just passing through San Marco on board of a cruise ship, enjoying comfortably the view on the city they are accomplices of destroying, but not all tourists are like that and some people are indeed curious and polite, in love with Venice and they do not treat it like a disposable good.

This situation made it clear that we need to intensify and rebuild the social fabric. This vision is shared not only by small realities, but it starts to be present in the political agenda and in bigger, more established institutions.




Fondaco dei Tedeschi by DFS for this occasion made the project "Venezia è Viva, Viva Venezia" to give space to 12 selected artisans and designers in one of the most exclusive windows of the city. Sunset Yogurt was selected to be a part of this great initiative.




From the 1st of July until beginning of September you'll be able to encounter 12 unique small brands in Fondaco dei Tedeschi, each with a dedicated window, as well as a space inside the store. Items created by these artisans and designers will not be for sale.

You'll be able to find a selection of Sunset Yogurt's Eyes, Boobies and Teeth handcrafted with love by me (Cosima Montavoci) in Murano Glass.




Let's be heard:




ph. Marco Cappelletti sunset yogurt bvl
ph. Marco Cappelletti


Among the brands that were selected you will find Sunset Yogurt, Venice Factory, Andreina Brengola, Daniela Levera, Eat and Run, Forcolaio Matto, Gaetano di Gregorio, Kanz Architetti, Lorenzo Passi, Pieces of Venice, Studio Saor, BVL.


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