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The 4 Ring circus by Icons at play for New York city Jewelry week

November 24, 2019 1 min read

The 4 Ring circus by Icons at play for New York city Jewelry week

For the New York City Jewelry Week @iconsatplay and put together the wonderful, Crazy, Silly show 'the 4 ring circus'.

4 ring circus sunset yogurt

I unfortunately could not go, but my Boobies were there!


"Immersive experiences are now stronger than ever from pop-up museums to retail. Unlike a traditional museum where visitors aren’t allowed to touch the exhibits or encouraged to take photos, modern pop-up galleries, museums and retail spaces are designed to be highly photogenic and interactive. Brick and mortar are all about that Instagram moment."

4 ring circus

THE 4 RING CIRCUS, an #immersive experience recreates insta/selfie worthy moments with jewelry where the viewer can appreciate and view wearables in a rather playful manner.

The theme is a mix of circus, carnival and fair attractions. We are looking for work that relates in style, shape, inspiration, color etc to this theme.

Icons at Play is interested in discussing social media themes and how it influences wearers and makers. Our aim is to integrate current trends playfully to how we display and experience art jewelry.

4 ring circus

Steuben Hall, Brooklyn Campus, Pratt Institute, New York.

November 18th \ November 24th


Pictures from the show are by

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