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Our first Professional Photoshoot: Squarebeat in Primary Colours

July 08, 2017 1 min read

Our first Professional Photoshoot: Squarebeat in Primary Colours

 Now that everything is ready on our website, and that our basic collections are ready, it’s time to have Fun!

Besides of course always experimenting with new materials to create innovative collections it’s finally time to create Photoshoots that reflect the atmosphere we perceive for each collection.

denise squarebeat sunsetyogurt

We started with the Squarebeat collection, Squarebeat has a classic and sleek style. The bead shape resembles the geometry of stones.

denise squarebeat necklace sunset yogurt

Young Denise was our first model and it was a pleasure working with her! She’s so beautiful and great at modelling, but she’s also a great person and a strong independent woman and came to Amsterdam to study Business.

We think the Squarebeat Necklace and Stud Earrings look smashing on her, in fact, she did not need any editing, what you see in the pictures is her natural beauty!

denise squarebeat sunset yogurt

What's your favourite colour?

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