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Teeth Statement Necklace

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Size Guide
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  • The disembodied body parts of the Thingness Collection are slightly creepy but kind of kitschy and simply adorable.

    The Thingness collection features several pieces of body including eyes, boobies, teeth, legs and each and every one of them is carefully handmade in Effetre Murano Glass, choose your own!

    Teeth Statement Necklace is filled with references, primordial rituals, as for example, using the defeated enemy's teeth as a necklace, to show power and strength.

  • Thingness collection is definitely something different, pieces of bodies have adorned Cosima's sculptures since a while already and this collection closely connects to her Contemporary Art practice.

    Using pieces of bodies to adorn other bodies helps us appreciating the joy that comes from the acceptance of our 'Thingness', as Paul Thek defined it referring to the Catacombs in Palermo.

  • Length: circa 45 cm

    Weight: circa 100 g

    Materials: Effetre Murano Glass, brass and waxed cotton cord.

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